↗️Deployed Contracts

The addresses of the Atlendis protocol's contracts on the different handled networks

Protocol V1

Polygon Mainnet

Contract nameContract address

BorrowerPools Implementation

BorrowerPools Proxy

PositionManager Implementation

PositionManager Proxy

PositionDescriptor Implementation

PositionDescriptor Proxy

Staking contracts

Contract nameContract address

Lockdrop Auros USDC

Lockdrop Fluna USDC

Lockdrop Wintermute USDC

Lockdrop Parallel USDT

Protocol V2

Polygon Mainnet

Factory Registry Proxy

Factory Registry Implementation

Revolving Credit Lines Factory v2.0

Karmen Pool v2.0

Borrower Custodian v2.0

Borrower Roles Manager v2.0

Borrower Fees Controller v2.0

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