Atlendis v2

Safety & Audit

Security is a focal point for the Atlendis Labs’ development team.
The Atlendis Labs team combines several approaches to ensure a high level of security in the protocol. These are the following:
  • Rigorous peer reviewing process when developing the products, as well as a multi facet approach to testing. As part of these efforts, the code of the v2 smart contracts will be open sourced shortly after v2 launches. The team will also announce a bug bounty program as part of a continuous security strategy at a later date.
  • Auditing of the code base by reputable independent third parties. The Atlendis v2 smart contracts have been audited by two auditing companies, the reports are being finalised at the time of v2 releasing. The reports will be shared shortly after v2 launches.
  • Constant monitoring of users activity, as well as use of alerting services to allow developers and maintainers to detect and bring the appropriate response in case of issue.