Atlendis v2
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Core concepts

Some terms used throughout the documentation may be unfamiliar to our readers. Below, we list some common terms to help with understanding.
Liquidity providers who have deposited funds in the liquidity pool.
Matched Lenders
Liquidity providers whose position is being fully or partially borrowed by the borrower.
Maturity Date
Date on which the loan must be repaid.
Compounded Interest
Interest accumulated on a deposit that is calculated based on both the initial principal and the accumulated interest from previous periods (previous lending rounds).
Lending Pool
Each borrower has access to a dedicated pool that they can draw loans from. The liquidity providers willing to lend on the Atlendis platform to earn interest can deposit into these lending pools.
Exposure of a lender to a specific borrower, resulting from a deposit action into a lending pool. It represents the liquidity provided to the order book and is represented on chain by a Position NFT.
Rate Discovery
Process to determine the borrowing rate.
Rate order book
An order book attached to each dedicated lending pool, where lenders deposit funds to lend at a specific interest rate on one side, and where the borrower can borrow at a target rate on the other side. It enables a market-driven interest rate discovery.
A sub-pool of funds within the borrower's pool that corresponds to a specific lending rate.
Revolving Line of Credit
On the Atlendis platform, borrowers are able to borrow as many times as they want from their pool up to the pre-set limit.
Further Borrowing
If the lending pool's max borrow capacity has not been reached and the loan has not yet matured, the borrower has the ability to borrow more funds – within the limit of the borrow capacity – from their pool, without it affecting the initial maturity date.
Early Repay
Optional pool feature enabling the borrower to repay a loan before the maturity date, thus ending the loan cycle early.
Repayment Period
Time period preceding the maturity date during which repayment must take place.
Loan Roll Over
Feature enabling borrowers to repay a maturing loan and to re-borrow in one transaction, provided enough liquidity has been pledged in the pool to enable a subsequent loan for the amount requested. There is no guarantee that loan terms such as the interest rate will remain the same.
Freeze Period
Short pre-maturity period that prevents lenders from withdrawing, opting out, exiting and updating their rate, allowing the borrower to roll over their loan. That period only exists for pools with that feature activated.