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This page introduces the Borrowers that have at least one borrowing pool on the Atlendis protocol and the general purpose of their borrowing activities on Atlendis

Navigating the tabs bellow, you will learn about each borrower's main activities and the deployment logic for the funds borrowed through Atlendis.

Fluna: Emerging Market Credit

Fluna is an alternative lending marketplace for high-growth African businesses to unlock financing and manage cash flows. Fluna helps high-growth African exporters tap into global markets via flexible financing and global treasury solutions.

“Atlendis has created a transparent process for borrowers like Fluna to secure affordable capital against the strength of our loan book performance and credit governance infrastructure,” Miguel Sousa Dias, Co-Founder & CEO, Fluna.

“Atlendis has leveled the playing field for high-growth, profitable African SMEs that need flexible capital in order to grow their businesses and accelerate economic development,” Kuorkor Dzani, COO, Fluna.

Why Atlendis?

Fluna aims to raise additional debt to meet increasing pipeline demand and diversify its sources of debt. Thanks to the Atlendis protocol, Fluna has access to a revolving line of credit from a new source of capital. The interest rate is decided by the market through Atlendis’ innovative interest rate order book, which on the one hand enables lenders to set their preferred lending rates depending on their personal risk assessment, and on the other hand, provides flexibility to Fluna to borrow capital as needed, up to the rate that it is willing to accept.

About Fluna

Fluna is a VC-backed pan-African trade finance marketplace for African business to access credit and trade market intelligence tools. The marketplace is built on a fully-digital platform allowing Fluna to underwrite 12x faster than traditional banks and automate data reporting. Fluna has onboarded 100+ exporters and deployed $20m+ in trade finance over the last 18 months. Fluna is on a mission to close the $81B trade finance gap opportunity in Africa and level the playing field for African SMEs to compete in today’s global market.

Risk profile:

Credit rating (by Cred Protocol): BB-600

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