The development of the protocol is funded through the Atlendis Labs Association multisig on the Ethereum mainnet which is a 3 out of 5 multisig located at the following address: 0x7Ec950347ce20F823E033269971eee5bd189DBC0
The first phase of the protocol consists of proving the Protocol's model and making sure our product finds its product-market fit. That's why there is no governance token at this early stage, governance will be handled with the DAO multisig on the Polygon mainnet located at the following address: 0x36412AC3A59Db81696d73d4Eb1dFEB6040C7A215
As soon as the first phase is achieved, we will be looking to decentralize the protocol's governance by launching our governance token and allowing the community to create proposals and vote on them.
At any stage of the project, actions on the protocol and the governance will always be made with full transparency with the Atlendis community. There will be extensive communication about the rationale and implications of each of the protocol decisions.