Atlendis Borrowers
This page introduces the Borrowers that have at least one borrowing pool on the Atlendis protocol and the general purpose of their borrowing activities on Atlendis
Navigating the tabs bellow, you will learn about each borrower's main activities and the deployment logic for the funds borrowed through Atlendis.
Zig Zag

Rhino use-case

Rhino will use the pool to issue 48-hour maturity bonds and engage in market neutral strategies. The main focus will be to support innovative features such as cross-chain swaps across layers of the Ethereum ecosystem, and fast-withdrawal bridges by bringing liquidity and depth when trafic intensifies.
“Atlendis is a unique protocol that allows Rhino to access short term, revolving and under-collateralized borrowing to fund Rhino's fast-withdrawal service and multi-chain bridges. We aim to initially borrow USDC from Atlendis and scale to other pools as our cross-chain features roll out,” Ross Middleton, Co-Founder of
Why choosing Atlendis? operates collateralised bridges between Polygon, StarkEx and Ethereum L1. These bridges can become depleted during periods of heavy use, such as when users are bridging funds or are using the cross-chain swap feature. Instead of closing the various bridges whilst the operator moves collateral to the smart contract where it is needed, we can use Atlendis to access short term revolving credit lines. As we only need the funds for a short period of time whilst we rebalance our bridges, having a revolving credit line where we only draw down what we need, and pay for what we use, is a really powerful tool for us and ultimately means we can pass those borrowing cost savings onto the end user

About Rhino

Rhino is the technological consecration of several years of decentralized exchange development. The Rhino team developed innovative solutions solving a number of crucial problems faced by decentralized exchanges with the end-goal of building a non-custodial exchange suitable for professional traders — frequent day traders, algorithmic funds and arbitrage traders — while offering a speed and security advantage over existing centralized venues. In short, to deliver all the important pillars of profitable trading with all the advantages of self-custody.
Rhino is an extremely fast, deeply liquid and private non-custodial trading portal built on Ethereum and harnessing StarkWare’s Layer-2 scaling technology (ZK-Rollup/Validium). Rhino provides high-speed API and UI access to some of the industries deepest order-books, allowing for 9,000+ transactions per second, privacy-by-default, competitive fees, and withdrawal-certainty, meaning users are always in full control of their assets and can move in and out at speed.

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