This section defines the different terms used on the Atlendis Protocol dApp.
Active APY: the prospective return that you would earn if your funds are being actively lent out to the borrower.
Passive APY: the prospective return that you would earn when your funds are not being borrowed. It includes the yield from the third-party yield provider and potential liquidity rewards distributed by the borrower.
Maturity: the duration of the loan. A maturity of 30 days means that the borrower must repay the loan within this timeframe.
Status: a pool can have 7 distinct statuses – open, borrowed, awaiting repay, in cooldown, expired, defaulted and closed. The detail of each status is explored on this page of the Atlendis documentation.​
Position: a position is an NFT representation of a lender's deposit in a specific pool of the Atlendis protocol. Details about position lifecycles can be found here.​